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On the Road to Healing: Products & Services

Ready to start feeling better in an effective, lasting way? Browse the products and services below to see what is best for you and your path to comfort and ease.

Healing Chronic Pain: Gentle movement and awareness exercises.
Weekly Group Class.

Your body has become a place of fear and disability, instead of pleasure and endless possibility. Your self-image has shifted to someone who cannot act in the way you want to, for fear of making the pain worse. Utilizing your innate ability to learn and carefully crafted movement sequences, you can quickly get back to full living. Click here for more details.

Sitting and Standing with Comfort: Easy, gentle movement sequences to improve your sitting health.
Five-Week Group Class Series.

If sitting has become a painful and exhausting task, and you are looking for a return to comfort and ease, this course will shed light on the essential principles for healthy sitting. Using carefully crafted movement exercises to embody these principles and bring immediate relief. Click here for more details.

Deep Healing: Reverse deterioration and break painful and inefficient patterns.
Individual Sessions.

A gentle, non-invasive, powerful form of treatment. Increase your awareness of what is causing your pain and expand your options, so you can move in healthier, more comfortable ways. This treatment connects directly with your nervous system, in order to create lasting, effective change. Click here for more details.