Chronic pain is exhausting. Finding help, I mean real help, can be even more challenging than the pain itself. There are so many choices out there and so few that seem to actually work. And even when it does work, it often doesn’t last.

I want to help you to get out of pain and stay out of pain. The method I use is extremely effective because it connects with the nervous system and the innate learning power of the brain. This means that you actually learn new, pain-free ways of moving, sitting, standing, and lying. Your brain will naturally choose these more efficient movement patterns, rather than your old, painful habits. I will work with your entire body, not just the “broken” part because let’s face it nothing you do is ever isolated to one part of your body. It may feel like your back is the painful part, but your entire body is involved in why your back chronically hurts.

One of my client’s couldn’t believe the degree of improvement he felt from such a non-invasive modality:

I am amazed by how huge a difference can be made from such a subtle technique! Feldenkrais has helped loosen my tight hamstrings, alleviate my lower back pain, and even boost my emotional state. After each session with Jacqueline, I am literally taller, and I can sense a shift in my entire skeleton, from toes to forehead, that enables me to move more freely. Feldenkrais helps me ‘unlock’ in many senses of the word.

Feldenkrais sessions are done completely clothed. It is best to dress in comfortable, loose clothing, so you can focus on the work being done and not how your clothes feel in relation to the movement. Although most of the session will not require active participation, it is most effective if you are attentive and interested in the gentle manipulations happening.

In the beginning of each session, there will be the opportunity to check-in and share any developments, questions, or thoughts. I will watch you walk and do a few gentle, slow movements in standing to evaluate your physical health and ability. I may ask additional questions to further illuminate what’s going on for you. Then we will move on to the main part of the session, which will be done in lying, sitting, or kneeling, depending on what position is the most comfortable and effective for you.

This is a gentle, non-invasive method, and it is crucial that your discomfort does not increase at any moment during the session. The small, slow, gentle manipulations encourage relaxation and enjoyment of the improved fluidity and flexibility without worrying that no pain means no gain.

At the end of the session, we will integrate the new learning into sitting, standing, and/or walking to ensure a lasting, relevant result occurs. Over the course of several sessions, you will feel the exponential improvements and that the healing is lasting longer and longer.

The goal is to get to the point where you are out of chronic pain and injury, and when you have a moment of relapse or a new injury, you have the knowledge and tools to get out of that initial discomfort quickly and easily, without going into a full-blown episode. No more fear. No more being stuck in pain.

In fact, one of my clients says:

Every time I leave a session with Jacqueline, I feel like a new woman. I generally feel more relaxed, comfortable, and flexible during and after our work together. With other types of bodywork, I become frustrated by how quickly my body reverts back to its old ways. With the Feldenkrais Method, however, I’ve noticed that the feeling of comfort that I have during the lesson tends to stay in my body for weeks afterwards. I find myself being more conscious of the way I use my body in my everyday life.

Most individual sessions are 60 minutes. I highly prefer you to commit to a series of sessions, in order to engage in a healing process together. After an initial assessment, I will give you my honest opinion about how many sessions you need to reach your goals.

The package I have developed because it is what works best for my clients is: The Healing Booster Package. This package deal, includes 6 1-hour sessions, 4 informative handouts with mini-exercises, and 2 individually selected take-home exercises. This program works wonders for many, many clients. The total cost is $550. (I accept payment installments, if needed.)

For a single 60-minute session, the cost is $100.

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