Do any of these situations seem familiar to you?

-It’s a beautiful day, and you decide to go for a long hike or bike ride. Enjoy the rare sunny day. You feel healthy and strong and have a great time! The next day, when you try to get out of bed, you are in a lot of pain. Your slipped disc in your back or sciatica has been triggered. Suddenly, you can’t walk without shooting pain.

-You were feeling great, getting things done around the house, and you went to lift something (it wasn’t even heavy), and suddenly your back went out and you can barely move. You spend the next several days in bed, downing aspirin.

-You enjoy your job for the most part. It supports, sustains, and interests you. You know sitting at a desk, heavy manual labor, standing, or driving all day is not the best for your body and is causing you some undeniable pain, but what are you going to do? It’s your occupation, you can’t just quit.

-You got injured and needed a sling, a cast, or crutches. Your body healed beautifully, almost completely like your old self, and you have been doing well for weeks, months, maybe even years. Unexpectedly, in a moment of activity, you have re-injured yourself. That same old, weak spot.

-You feel the pain in your back as soon as you get out of bed. You know by the end of the day, all you will want to do is lie in bed with the heating pad. Oh well, everybody feels this way sometimes, right?

-You have an active life, and you are getting older. You know some level of aging is normal, but you want to do everything you can to extend your agility and vitality.

-A doctor says you need surgery, and you are not so sure. You would like to try out a holistic alternative, like re-training your nervous system, before committing to surgery.

This method works excellently for people who are:

      • In pain on a daily or weekly basis
      • Recovering from an injury
      • Experiencing repetitive injury or strain
      • Work-related injury or discomfort
      • Desire restoration of lost functions (due to age, injury, or neuromuscular dysfunctions)
      • Waking up with a sore jaw, neck, and/or back
      • Experience discomfort in sitting
      • Experience discomfort in walking
      • Pain is interrupting favorite pastimes
      • Tried other healing modalities, unsuccessfully
      • All genders
      • All ages

This method is ideal for people who share the following values:

      • You have a sense of curiosity and enjoy learning.
      • You have a desire to increase your awareness.
      • You are excited about the process, not just the goal.
      • You know you deserve and can achieve increased comfort, ease, flexibility, and joy.
      • You are willing to invest in yourself.
      • You are patient and supportive of yourself.
      • You value improvement, efficiency, and effectiveness.
      • You are open-minded.


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