Chronic pain changes everything in one’s life. Simple tasks become hardships or even impossible. Fear creeps in and a sense of doom- one wrong step could end in burning, shooting, and debilitating pain.

Your body has become a place of fear and disability, instead of pleasure and endless possibility. Your self-image has shifted to someone who cannot act in the way you want to, for fear of making the pain worse.

You begin to know yourself as someone with a “bad neck” or “weak ankles.” Someone who can’t lift things, sit for long periods of time, drive comfortably, or take long walks. Someone who must move very carefully and without spontaneity.

You are not alone in these struggles. The frustration, fear, anger, sadness, restriction and pain that accompanies chronic pain are all too common.

Connecting with your nervous system is the most powerful way to heal chronic pain.

Your nervous system is a powerful instrument for learning. It collects information and sends it to the brain to be sorted and stored appropriately. Through connecting with your nervous system, you can learn how to live without chronic pain.

This may sound complex, scary, or out of reach, but I assure you it is a lot easier than you think!

Is there an easy way out of chronic pain?

Yes, it just involves learning. In order to give your nervous system the necessary information to learn how to move out of pain, there are just a few ingredients needed:

1. Go slowly

In this class, we will slow down and take our time. It is very hard to learn when you are rushing. So relax, breathe deeply, and settle in for an hour-long journey of novel, interesting, and comfortable movements.

2. Make it small

Making large movements creates a lot of noise for the nervous system. We make big movements when we are afraid we can’t do something or we don’t want to feel ourselves. In this class, we will make really small movements, getting into the details and sensing the rich world of information in the very beginnings of movement.

3. Don’t try to succeed or do it right

Worrying about performance interferes with our natural sense of curiosity and play. Learning is about trying out a wide range of approaches, collecting all the information, and then beginning to whittle down what is right you. If you are concerned about getting it right from the beginning, you limit your options and end up going down the same old road.

4. Only do what’s easy

Ah, this one is my favorite! In this class, I want you to only do what is truly easy and comfortable. Practice using less effort, doing less, and feeling pleasure. Learn the subtle, yet powerful ways you can care for yourself through movement by sticking to what is truly easy for you, and experience your self-image transform before your very eyes.

When you go slowly, make it small, don’t try to succeed, and only do what’s easy, you will quickly and lastingly find your way out of chronic pain. The old, painful habits fall away and are steadily replaced with your new findings—easy, comfortable, pleasurable movement!

Presenting… Easy Ways to Reduce Chronic Pain

In this class series, you will experience deep relief, relaxation, and learn an effective, systematic approach to getting out of chronic pain. You will feel increased comfort immediately and the improvement will last longer and longer after each subsequent class. Best of all, you will be able to apply the teachings in this class series to many aspects of your life.

Are you longing to:

      • • Eliminate aches and pains, and move more easily.


      • • Improve your co-ordination, posture and flexibility.


      • • Restore lost function.


      • • Find relief from stress, and the tools for psychological growth.


      • • Attain greater ease and pleasure in all your physical activities.


      • • Improve the fitness and agility of your brain at any age.


    • • Gain renewed physical vitality, health and emotional well-being.

What if I Can’t Move Easily, or It’s Painful to Move?

That is no problem at all, and you will be in good company. The movements are intended to be extremely small, as well as adaptable to each individual’s needs. There are always ways to modify any particular movement that you need to – just ask, and I am more than happy to guide you into an easy alternative.

Students also have a powerful experience by imagining movements that are too difficult to actually do. The same neurons fire in your brain when you imagine a movement as when you actually do it, so you can improve your mobility and reduce your chronic pain using the power of your imagination!

Jacqueline, the teacher, has struggled with chronic pain too!

In 2004, I suffered a double-impact concussion (that means I hit the back and front of my head very hard at the same time). The result was an intense headache for many months, falling asleep all the time without any control, a reorganization of the way I think, and a whole lot of head and neck pain.

Two years later, I pinched a nerve in my neck. This created an intensely painful, burning sensation that ran the full length of my neck and down my left arm. Nothing seemed to help – not massage, not physical therapy, not ice, not heat, nothing I could find.

That is until I found the Feldenkrais Method. As I began my learning and healing with this method, I realized these two injuries were intimately related and the damage could be not only reversed, but I could get even healthier than I had been before.

As I use this method to help hundreds of people a year, I grow increasingly inspired and passionate about sharing the unique healing power of this modality.

I am sharing this with you, so that you know I understand the pain, depression, fear, anxiety, irritability, and hardships that come with chronic pain. I understand the wear and tear not only on your body, but on your life, your work, your play, and your loved ones. And I would genuinely love to help turn things around for you!

So what does the class actually look like?

At the beginning of each class, you will lie on the floor on a blanket, and I will verbally lead you through a scan of your body. This is an opportunity for you to arrive, breathe, and begin a practice of knowing where you physically are in space.

Over time, these scans will give you a more accurate self-image and empower you to have a “truer” sense of yourself, not a distorted image that is based on feelings of injury and inadequacy.

After the body-scan, I will guide you verbally through a series of carefully crafted movements. The class unfolds organically, as we explore patterns of motor development. I will encourage you throughout the class to do less, to forget about succeeding, to respect your own experience, and to follow your curiosity.

Each class slowly builds upon itself, exploring many variations based on a basic functional theme. At the end of the class, we will integrate this new information into a practical life skill, such as turning to check your blind spot while driving or biking or reaching down to pick something up off the floor.

At the end of each class, you will feel flexible, fluid, and a deep release throughout your entire body and mind. You will walk out of the building in a better mood, with greatly increased physical comfort, and new insight into efficient movement patterns.[/two_third]

Although it is not necessary, you will feel a greater improvement if you practice each exercise two times during the week before the next class meets. You will have recordings which you can play at home.

If you want to get out and stay out of chronic pain, this is the class series for you.

If you have tried other healing modalities and only found temporary relief and sometimes no relief at all, this is the class series for you.

Radically different than other healing modalities and exercise classes, this class stimulates your brain, utilizes your innate ability to learn, increases your flexibility, and improves your posture –all through easy, gentle exercises.

You will end the class series with:

      • • An audio recording of 8 easy, yet powerful movement exercises


      • • A deeper understanding of yourself in movement


      • • A wider range of easy motion and flexibility


      • • Improved posture


      • • An updated, positive self-image


      • • Practical skills for dealing with challenges (both physically and emotionally)

If this sounds good to you and feels right in your heart, I invite you to sign up below for the next Easy Ways to Reduce Chronic Pain class series.

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